Friday, March 29, 2013


Zara coat / Forever 21 top + short / Doc boots / ZeroUV sunnies / Marshalls hat
The feeling of finally pursuing my dreams is beyond anything that I can explain. I start studying fashion at the Art Institute on Monday but I had my new student orientation yesterday. It’s so weird being back at school at 24, I feel like a grandma amongst all the youngster just starting college. This is my second degree, my first is in psychology. I was so thrilled to be around people that share my love for fashion. I love that AI has a great mix of of artists, it was so inspiring to talk to people w/ entreprenurial goals just like me. Being in such a creative space made me feel for the first time like I could totally have everything I want out of a career in fashion. This is only the beginning and I’m going to continue to come out my shell and spread my wings. About the outfit: I died when I saw the shoulder peplum on this shirt. It's so unique + I've been sort of obssessed with white blouses lately. Is it wierd that my wishlists are full of black dresses, trousers, and shoes for the spring? I have New York fever or something!! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Forever 21 cardigan, Target tank, Marshalls skirt, Thrifted belt

 This was a total accident? I'm always, always trying to keep myself from busting out in laughter when my boyfriend is aiming the camera at me. Just my luck he caught this before I covered my face and turned away. This was my favorite of the bunch so I thought it stood good alone. Plus this fringe cardigan is kind of my favorite part of this outfit. It's so universal, I wear it with absolutely everything and it's totally warm for work. In other news - I finally have a head full of natural hair. This is my second natural journey, my first being a few years back in college. I permed it two years ago and chopped it into a pixie when I graduated from college. I was craving something fresh + new but the perm was burning my scalp so I decided it was time to go back natural and big chop!! I love, and it's so low maintenance especially since I work out everyday! 85 days left till summer :D

Monday, March 25, 2013



So i'm totally "that friend", that falls in love with a song + plays it on repeat day in and day out. Everyone around me generally gets sick of the song + starts to hate it, but I'm still playing it for another month. Right now it's Solange's "Loosing You"! I'm obssessed w/ the video, it's  genuis!!  Anyways, enjoy! 

Friday, March 22, 2013


Target sunnies, street vendor scarf, thrifted Coach handbag, thrifted blazer, Vince Camuto trench coat, Forever 21 dress, Deena & Ozzy flatforms  (here and here)

Is it just me or does anyone else own a go to dress for those days that don't allow for closet rummaging. When I am running late or don't feel like the fuss of rummagining my doubled stocked hangers I tend to just grab this dress and go. It's light + easy, I just throw a cardi or blazer over it with flatforms or boots and hit the door. I also love this dress because it's a transition piece, I die for anything that I can wear year around. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Photo credits on my pinterest 
This time of year all I can think about is how much I want the weather to cooperate. I don't know what's wrong w/ the groundhog, seems like he is never on our side w/ the whole early spring thing. I guess I shouldn't be complaining seeing as though we've had a few mild days in the past couple weeks. I'm ready to break out the crop tops, and mini dresses for lots of picnics, city strolls, fun in the sun + sand between my toes. Happy first day of spring!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Target sunnies, thrifted sweater, vintage lace dress, Deena & Ozzy flatform oxfords

So super fun news! I am officially attending fashion school, in two weeks. Back in 2010 I finished my bachelor's in psychology and decided not to further pursue. It just wasn't my passion. I have always known that my God given talent is fashion but I was too chicken back in 2006 to pursue such a risky career. Now that I'm alittle alot older I realize that I won't be happy doing anything else! So last year I applied to school for fashion retailing since I knew I couldn't just click my heels and move to New York City. I was accepted for the winter semester but I couldn't move my work schedule around to fit the morning classes that I would be taking, or so I thought. I was so disappointed and almost gave up on my dream thinking that it was nearly impossible. After a couple months of feeling sorry for myself I just decided that I just had to do it. So what if I never sleep. So I signed up for classes and orientation is next Thursday. I'm super excited to be around people who are like minded! I can't wait to crack the books! New chapter! Let's go!!
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