Monday, March 18, 2013


Target sunnies, thrifted sweater, vintage lace dress, Deena & Ozzy flatform oxfords

So super fun news! I am officially attending fashion school, in two weeks. Back in 2010 I finished my bachelor's in psychology and decided not to further pursue. It just wasn't my passion. I have always known that my God given talent is fashion but I was too chicken back in 2006 to pursue such a risky career. Now that I'm alittle alot older I realize that I won't be happy doing anything else! So last year I applied to school for fashion retailing since I knew I couldn't just click my heels and move to New York City. I was accepted for the winter semester but I couldn't move my work schedule around to fit the morning classes that I would be taking, or so I thought. I was so disappointed and almost gave up on my dream thinking that it was nearly impossible. After a couple months of feeling sorry for myself I just decided that I just had to do it. So what if I never sleep. So I signed up for classes and orientation is next Thursday. I'm super excited to be around people who are like minded! I can't wait to crack the books! New chapter! Let's go!!


Jennifer said...

Very pretty!

xo Jennifer

Brewed Together said...

Loving the lace with the sweater! Great picks. Thrifted finds always turn out to be great investments! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Sacramento Amate said...

I had a good look at your blog, and love your style. it is so refeshing to find unique style, and lots of skirts and dresses, rather than pants.

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