Thursday, December 27, 2012


HelloSweet Bird here! So excited that you took a moment to stop by my cutsie blog! I'm super excited to get posting, just waiting for my new 50mm f/1.8 lens to get in. I got the idea to start a blog ten months ago and I actually did, called Alexia in the Meantime! I started it with no direction so after a few months I was no longer inspired, plus I was beat from working my full-time job at an online banking company. I was also in a rut b/c I wasn't where I thought I should be at this time in my life - I wanted  more than a 9to5 gig that didn't allow me to be my creative old quirky wierdo self. Recently I realized that God has me there for a purpose! He has a plan for my life and this job is preparing me for the next step in fulfilling my dreams! Currently I am curating a line of vintage goodies so that I can open my very first online vintage store!! Yes I still work at my 9to5 but it's only a temporary fix to get me to my dreams! I've been so afraid of failure that it kept me from even trying!! Not anymore… I'm following my dreams all the way to victory! The road to success is paved w/ failures and I'm ready to get in the MUD!!!

Just alittle about me: My name is Alexia.. I turned 24 on (yes) Chistmas Eve and I am a dreamer b/c dreams are reality if you are willing to work hard for them! I live in an amazing community in Bowie, Md. w/ my family who are completely supportive of my entrepreneurial ambitions! I graduated from college w/ a bachelors in psychology that I will probably never use….even still this is one of my proudest accomplishments. My four years in undegrad and 2 years in the workforce helped me realize that what I truly want in a career is the freedom to be an artsy fartsy creative eccentric odd balL. I will be a writer/published poet and a vintage store owner very soon. 

Labels: WomanGranddaughterDaughterSisterCousinFriendGirlfriendWriterPoetEntreprenuer and now...Sweet Bird. xx

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in this new journey with me! Happy 2013! xx

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