Sunday, February 03, 2013


Alexia wears: Earrings: borrowed / Sweater: vintage / Dress: vintage / Shoes: vintage here
Looking under a rock is like a prize for a girl enslaved to vintage. No sane being develops a frame of though like such!  The cold pavement numbed her limbs as she met the day. But the cold is no match for the warmth of a vintage fabrics on her finger tips. As she stumbles in the coffee shop she daydreams of her next snag. How it will feel once on her now chilled body. What pieces has she already acquired to finish the look. The barista has called her chai latte three times by now. She snaps out of her imagination to claim the hot beverage meant to warm frozen limbs. The brisk morning meets her again as she glances at the bins filled with rare dresses, old records and clip on jewelries. The crowds had thinned as the sun loss its warmth. She was one of few in the brutal cold. As she reached something the wind whipped pass her face with the force of an iceberg. The devastation she ignored while she made nice with the supplier. As she made her purchase she stared up into the sky that just months ago was filled with living creatures. By now they had flown south. Just then a snowflake plopped on her blushing cheek. She clung to her scarf for faux warmth. Her fingers were Popsicle but filled with bags of new things to be love. A warm fireplace awaited her at home.  
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