Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Forever 21 cardigan, Target tank, Marshalls skirt, Thrifted belt

 This was a total accident? I'm always, always trying to keep myself from busting out in laughter when my boyfriend is aiming the camera at me. Just my luck he caught this before I covered my face and turned away. This was my favorite of the bunch so I thought it stood good alone. Plus this fringe cardigan is kind of my favorite part of this outfit. It's so universal, I wear it with absolutely everything and it's totally warm for work. In other news - I finally have a head full of natural hair. This is my second natural journey, my first being a few years back in college. I permed it two years ago and chopped it into a pixie when I graduated from college. I was craving something fresh + new but the perm was burning my scalp so I decided it was time to go back natural and big chop!! I love, and it's so low maintenance especially since I work out everyday! 85 days left till summer :D


LOIS said...

so cute!
Love Lois xxx

AhkaVintage said...

This is such a beautiful, fresh photo! I love everything about it - but that wonderful smile is the best!

tory said...

Such a fabulous cardigan!

Benlovesting said...

Happy Easter! x

kcomekarolina said...

so cute!

xoxo from rome

The Fashion Mashup said...

LOVE this picture, you have such a beautiful laughter :)

Much love from Germany,

The Fashion Mashup

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